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‘Investing in the health of your employees is good for business’

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  • The potential benefits of a ‘corporate wellness’ programme
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This free report details why investing in the health of your employees is good for business

  • Increase your productivity, your competitiveness, your brand profile and your profit!
  • Reduce your overtime payments, temporary staff costs, recruitment costs and healthcare costs.

Investing in the health of your employees is good for business by Caroline Chilton-Bates, NutrizunoReduce absenteeismIt’s a fact that companies who invest in the health of their employees by actively encouraging better nutrition, regular exercise and a healthier lifestyle benefit from a more energised, more engaged and more productive workforce as well as a reduction in the cost of sick leave and working while unwell. Additional benefits include a more positive brand profile, the ability to attract the right calibre of employee, as well as reduced overtime payments, temporary staff costs, recruitment costs and healthcare costs.

The report outlines the potential benefits of a ‘corporate wellness’ programme, employee health issues and statistics as well as how to invest in the health of your employees.

The importance of employee health and wellbeing is becoming more recognised as the key to the success in today’s corporate world and the link between success and health is now readily recognised as a key factor in increasing workplace productivity and reducing absenteeism.

‘With absenteeism costing corporate UK more than £15 billion(1) every year, smart businesses are actively helping and encouraging their employees to improve their overall wellbeing through better nutrition and fitness’ says Caroline, ’The result is a more energised and productive workforce, reduced absenteeism, and a healthier lifestyle. It’s a win-win for both employees and employers.’

Corporate wellnessNutrizuno can provide a complete ‘corporate wellness’ solution from design, planning and implementation. Our corporate nutrition consultancy service includes workshops, presentations, one to one sessions, body composition analysis, and metabolic age testing, as well as corporate nutrition advice for canteen & catering facilities.

Additional services include employee communication strategy / implementation, including bespoke website or microsite design and build, provision of fitness programmes and a range of personal instructor services (Personal Training, Pilates and Yoga) or bespoke training videos. We also work with our partners, the Gym Company when it comes to the design and installation of an in-house corporate gym.

If you would like to arrange an informal meeting to discuss implementation of a ‘corporate wellness’ programme for your company please contact Caroline on Mob: 07860 968877 or email