First Steps Survey to Corporate Health – we pay 50% of the cost!

Our first step survey allows us to get a better understanding of your corporate wellness/corporate health needs and requirements.

The survey provides an invaluable insight into your company and your employees in terms of their fitness, nutrition and general wellbeing. In addition to discussions with your key management team, human resources and your key employee representatives, we will conduct a survey of all your employees using SurveyMonkey, so we can recommend the most appropriate programme for your company, based on your agreed budget and timescales.

We are happy to offer this initial service based on a shared investment basis, you pay 50% and we will pay 50% of the total survey cost.

What’s included?

  • We will send a short survey to all of your employees asking them 20 key questions regarding their perceived levels of stress, energy, cognitive function, fitness and diet. We keep the survey short and easy to complete.
  • We will also invest one full day at your office to meet with your management team and your nominated employee representatives to get a better understanding of your corporate wellness needs and your anticipated budget requirements. We would usually anticipate meeting with the management team / HR representatives in the morning and key employee representatives in the afternoon.
  • We will provide you with our recommendations for a tailored Corporate Wellness/Corporate Health programme based on the initial meeting, the staff survey and your budget requirements.
  • As a matter of course, the employee survey results will be analysed and anonymised.

First Step Survey costs*:

10 to 24 employees – £600 – you only pay £300
25 to 49 employees – £850 – you only pay £425
50 to 99 employees – £1,250 – you only pay £625
100 to 249 employees – £1,500 — you only pay £750
250 to 499 employees – £2,000 – you only pay £1,000
500 to 999 employees – £2,500 – you only pay £1,250
1,000 to 1,999 employees – £3,000 – you only pay £1,500

2000 plus employees – price on application – you only pay 50%

* Please note that travel expenses will be additional to the survey costs quoted above.