Nutrizuno Corporate Wellness Services

Nutrizuno provides a range of corporate wellness services designed to help employers invest in the health and wellbeing of their employees, so the company can benefit from a more energised, more engaged and more productive workforce.

Additional benefits include a reduction in the cost of sick leave, overtime payments, temporary staff costs, recruitment costs and healthcare costs as well as an enhanced brand image and the ability to attract the best employees.

Healthy Life

We work with small to medium size enterprise businesses, and fast growing companies, typically with anywhere from 10 to 250 employees. We are happy to work with larger enterprise clients as well and will happily arrange an informal meeting to discuss your needs.

We are happy to work on a one off workshop or presentation, an initial pilot project or a full ‘Corporate Wellness’ programme.

Our full service includes initial consultation through to programme design, planning, implementation, employee education and motivation, employee communication, reporting and analysis, evaluation, learning and continual improvement.

We are happy to provide support for the whole company or to a subset such as your executive suite, senior managers, sales team, production team, research and development team or any combination. These programmes will take into consideration the requirements of the specific group or groups we are addressing.

Our services include benchmark surveys, one-to-one clinics, presentations and workshops.

Our Corporate Wellness Services include:

  • Stress Management
  • Energy & Mood
  • Focus & Concentration
  • Gut Health (IBS)
  • Healthy Eating / Weight Loss
  • Food & Catering Audit
  • One-to-one nutrition sessions
  • Body Mass Composition Analysis
  • NLP
  • Fitness
  • Lifestyle
  • Mindfulness
  • Posture

Nutrizuno’s First Steps Survey to Corporate Wellness – the first step

We are happy to invest our own time and money in your company to get it right. We have designed our First Steps Survey to Corporate Wellness, so we can provide you with the insight we glean from this initial benchmark survey. This enables you to make an informed decision regarding any programme you commission from us.

The survey allows us to spend time with your management team, human resources, line managers/key employee representatives, as well as conducting a general health and wellbeing survey of your entire employee workforce using SurveyMonkey. This allows us to see where you currently are as an organisation so we can recommend an appropriate ‘corporate wellness’ solution or pilot scheme.

Corporate Wellness Taster Presentation

This is a fun and interactive way to introduce ‘Corporate Wellness’ to your employees and can be a stand-alone event or an introduction to an agreed corporate wellness programme. This is typically a one-hour presentation with Q&A and can be held at your office(s) or at a suitable venue where you are planning a meeting for all or part of your employee workforce such as a sales or production meeting.

The presentation outlines the way we can help your employees improve their energy levels and cognitive function, as well as how to deal with stress in the long term. Employees will learn about self-care, in terms of health and stress management in order to perform at their peak. Burnout is one of the highest reasons for sick leave in today’s pressured society. Our aim is to provide the tools and practical knowledge for your employees to be more healthy and productive. This comes from a psychological point of view, nutritional advice (practical and easy for the busy exec) and the importance of exercise and ‘down time’.

We are also happy to be available after the presentation for one-to-one meetings with employees to talk generally about nutrition, fitness, energy and how to be more productive and energised both at work and in our private lives

Informative Workshops and Presentations

Nutrizuno provide a range of informative Workshops and Presentations that can form part of a bespoke Corporate Wellness Programme or commissioned as a standalone event. The following is a brief summary:

  • Stress is a tiger, so grab it by the tail – Stress is a major contributor to poor health and employees not being able to work to their full potential. Many employees, from the board level to the shop floor, are not even aware they are suffering from stress and yet they are not feeling 100% in themselves or performing to the best of their ability.
  • Your brain has a mind of its own – This is an enlightening session designed to help employees improve their focus and cognitive function. Understand how the right nutrition can help increase concentration, plus how our body can react to high stress levels purely from our mind. And how we can combat that.
  • Energise for success – The Energise for success workshop is an interactive approach to increasing the knowledge of how food and exercise can affect our energy levels and our mood throughout the working day, and throughout our personal lives.
  • Focus on Winning – designed for your salesforce
  • Get fit for Life – How regular daily exercise can help improve your performance in your work and home life.
  • Sugar is bad for sales – the not so sweet corporate treat!
  • Women’s Health in the Workplace
  • Men’s Health in the Workplace
  • Breakfast like a King or Queen
  • Weight Management & Energy
  • Inflammation & The Immune System